Atviras kodas Lietuvai

The Study of Use of Open Source Software (OSS) in Lithuania and EU

The aim of this project was to justify and forecast use of open source software in public and governmental sectors, prepare recommendations on using OSS in Lithuania. The objective was to analyze experience of use and legislation of open source software in European Union countries.

The brief analyze contains information about choosing, installing and using open source software at governmental level in Europe. Also, it holds a review of EU laws for using open source software and open standards for data exchange. In this report there are mentioned all possible means to promote and encourage, also recommendations, to use open source programs in Lithuania.

The result of the project is a 200 page report published at

Project was accomplished by Tomas Jonušas private company „Viae Ventus“ in the fall 2002.

Project was sponsored by Information Society Development Committee at the Government of the Republic of Lithuania.