Atviras kodas Lietuvai

Open source software presentations for key policy-makers

February, March, 2002

In spring of 2002, AKL initiated and organized presentations about open source software for key policy-makers and main IT policy visionaries at the national level in Seimas and Government:

  • presentation „Use of Open Source Software at Governmental Level“ to the Government of Lithuania and Information Society Development Committee, 15th of February, 2002
  • presentation „Benefits of Using Open Source Software in Public Sector“ to Information Society Development Committee at Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania, 17th of March, 2002
  • presentation with a guest Eric S. Raymond, founder and president of Open Source Initiative, also famous of his book „The Cathedral and the Bazaar“. He spoke at the Seimas for the key persons of Lithuania, on the 4th of March, 2002. More than 200 attendees were at the seminar, including members of the Seimas, politicians, and state authority representatives.

The result of these presentations was increased awareness of key policy-makers on benefits of using open source software and open standards at all levels of Governmental institutions.

Project was organized and conducted by AKL members Tomas Jonušas, Mantas Kriaučiūnas, Albertas Agejevas and Eugenijus Paulauskas on private initiative and at no external costs.

The visit of Mr. Eric Raymond was sponsored by „Codeworks“. UAB „IBM Lietuva“ sponsored seminars with two IBM „ThinkPad“ notebooks.