Atviras kodas Lietuvai

Pilot implementation and trial use of open source software at Governmental Institutions (2002 / 9 - 11)

The aim of this project was to pracicaly test and to prove that it is possible to use open source programs at Governmental institutions as an alternative to commercial software, and that using open source programs functionality and productivity of workers is at competative level.

The project devided into two parts: localization of open source software and pilot implementation at work places.


The aim was to localize programs for office work automation, mail client and browser. The software chosen was: office suite „“ and Internet and mail programs „Mozilla“.


During this project period three main products were tested: „“, „Mozilla“ and „Linux“ operating system in general. Open source software was installed in more than twenty desktops at the Ministry of Environment, Center of Information Technologies of Education and Information Technologies and Communication Department to the Ministry of the Interior.

Depending on the results of pilot implementation, there were prepared instructions for open source software users (in Lithuanian language).

The results of the project surpassed all expectations: there were no problems that could not be solved during the project and there were no essential problems that could not let using open source programs at Governmental institutions. Results of the project were publicly announced at press conference held at Information Society Development Committee at Government of the Republic of Lithuania on the 6th of December, 2002.

Reports (only in Lithuanian language) of the project process and results, also localized (translated) open source software and documentation are published at

The project team: specialists of GO „Infostruktūra“, Mathematics and Informatics Institute, Vilnius University and public organization „Open Source for Lithuania“.

Project was sponsored by Information Society Development Committee to the Government of the Republic of Lithuania.