Atviras kodas Lietuvai

„Free Software CD“

International IT exhibition „Infobalt 2002“, Vilnius, October 23-26, 2002

Laisvų programų CD

The projects' aim was to present free and open source programs for computer users.

„Free Software CD“ is a set of free and open source software for „Windows“ operating system. Apart the main office, internet and mail programs, the CD contains other usefull programs and tools. Some of the major programs are translated into Lithuanian.

All the collected programs are distributed under the terms of free licences (GPL - General Public Licence, LGPL - Library GPL, MIT and others). These licences let the user copy and modify the programs and use them in multiple computers in any field of activities (also in commerce). Although, according to the licences, one who wants to distribute modified programs, has to provide free access to the original and modified source code.

2000 copies of the CD were distributed at no charge. With „Free Software CD“ project AKL had its booth in scientific and non-profit organization area at the „Infobalt 2002“ exhibition. With the CD project AKL won „The Initiative of the Year“ award.

Results. We have distributed over 2.000 copies of the CD and collected feedbacks from the users about their knowledge of open source software and „Linux“. We have experienced that there is lack of information about alternative software to commercial, so we have created mailing list for newsletters to raise awareness of IT.

The project management was done by AKL member Tomas Jonušas and most of the CD content was collected by Mantas Kriaučiūnas (AKL). Jaroslav Šatkevič (AKL) and Vilius Ališauskas (AKL) and a group of open source activists have helped us in various forms.

The project was sponsored by: Information Society Development Committee, „Infobalt“ Association, UAB „Skubios Siuntos“ (UPS), UAB „IBM Lietuva“, UAB „Codeworks“, „Sisteminio administravimo technologijos“ (SAT), „Infobalt“ Copyright Agency, „Infostruktūra“, „Viae Ventus“.

Total cost of the project: 4.000EUR