Atviras kodas Lietuvai

AKL at „Infobalt 2006“ ITT Forum

October 18th - 21st, 2006, Vilnius

Infobalt exhibition 2006

Free software != freeware

Public organization "Atviras Kodas Lietuvai" participates in ITT Forum in "Infobalt 2006" exhibition and presents:

  • A free Lithuanian Linux distribution "Baltix GNU/Linux 2.0"
  • "Free software for office 2006" CD
  • Seminar - discussion "Can govenrments be more open? Adoption of open standards."
  • A Linux driven "CD baking" PC for baking various Linux distibutions and a desk of distros for a small price

Baltix GNU/Linux 2.0. Baltix GNU/Linux is a Linux distribution aimed to be a complete, user-friendly operating system for Lithuanian and Latvian people, based on Debian and Ubuntu GNU/Linux distributions. Supported languages are Lithuanian, Latvian, Estonian, Russian, English, Norwegian and others near and around the Baltic region. The Main language is Lithuanian. It uses the GNOME desktop environment and is distributed as an installable Live CD.

Free software for office 2006. "Free software for office 2006" CD is a set of free open source software for "MS Windows" platform. The most popular and useful software for office work is collected in this CD. They suit for SMEs, public administrations, governmental institutions and home users, too. Some of the software is translated into Lithuanian.

Can govenrments be more open? Adoption of open standards. 14 - 16 PM, October 18th, Conference Hall of the 5th Hall
AKL is an organizer of open source seminars at ITT Forum. Sun Microsystems director for Finland and Baltic states Jarmo Kuusivuori will give a speach on open standarts "The Many Faces of "Open".