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eVitamins - for growth and wealthy business

The special aim of eVitamins initiative is raising ICT Awareness and Computer Literacy in rural areas, because here we have digital divide between cities and districts. The objective is to demonstrate people a computer nd its advantages, teach how to use it for the growth of their work and that a computer can be up to 40 percent cheaper using free and open source software.

People need much more information for improving their business, work, or day-life then computers. They have to learn new methods of making business in a modern information society. So, we offer a complex of eVitamins for different groups of people and each eVitamin contains of trainings, consultancy, exchange of best practices, technical support.

We offer such "types" of eVitamins:

eVitamins for SMEs

    Owners of small and medium enterprises are still afraid to use computers in their day life and business. Some of them already use them, but only as typewriters. Information and telecommunication technologies can do much more. SMEs need to be informed, educated and consulted about the advantages brought by ICT. Also, some small ICT companies need to be encouraged to provide technical support services for free software users.

eVitamins for Local Government

    Open standards for data and documents exchange in the communication with citizens, SMEs, educational institutions, other administrations, also for public information are a prerequisite for healthy communication, information dissemination, and eDemocracy.

eVitamins for Local Communities

    Citizens, members of local communities need be encouraged to participate in eDemocracy and become involved in the information society. There is a need to inform them about information technologies, legal software.

eVitamins for Education

    Free software for schools is the best choice. An open source of free software encourages students to look inside the programs, their functionality. And these programs allow to do that.

eVitamins for NGOs

    The first and the main thing for any organization is to have a website for information dissemination, an e-mail address for communication, and a virtual place for discussions with members. They need to be instructed about fundraising, how to apply for fundraising, how to fill in applications and find partners. They need to be educated and consulted.

Without any doubt you would ask - why eVitamins and what does it mean? One can imagine a person who's body lacks some kind of substance. Probably you would offer to use vitamins for better health. The same is with information and knowledge. People need eVitamins for healty business. The author of "eVitamin" is AKL vicepresident and the initiator of our organization Tomas Jonušas.